Camweara comes with impactful features.
Accurate and affordable Virtual Try On to increase sales.

Multiple Categories

Camweara supports most of the categories in jewelry including earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and watches.

Beauty Filter

Beautify filter makes users look prettier on the screen while trying on and helps them make better purchases. It internally uses AI algorithms to improve the skin tone.

Report of new SKUs

Finding products without try on has been never easier. Now, Camweara dashboard automatically finds out products that do not have virtual try-on on your website and gives you the list.

Photo Mode

Photo mode helps users try to three different model pictures, users can also upload their own or friends or someone else’s photo to see a how jewelry looks on them before purchase.

Dangling Effect
Dangling Effect

Longer Earrings will be dangling according to head movements, it provides more realistic experience.

In Depth Analysis

Camweara dashbard provides in depth analytics including number of users, button clicks, top tried products. It helps store owner to understand impact of Camweara on sales.

Accurate and lightweight

Camweara is built with accurate, fast and light-weight AI algorithm to make highest impact on conversion rate.

Camweara provides 97-99% of accurate results even for android and ios devices, day and night lighting.

It loads within 4-5 seconds under 4G & 5G.
It processes 30 frames per second on most of the ios, android & windows devices.

It is very lightweight in memory size i.e. less than 5MB, hence it loads faster.

You dont need to worry about the time to integrate this product with your online store. Within an hour you can go live and show your customers something new.


Our Awesome Features

Camweara Dashboard access will be given to store owner to upload their inventory images or 3d models and enable try-on button on their website.

Upload, Delete & Edit

Store owner can upload their inventory images in PNG or 3D format to enable Virtual Try On on the website.

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Camweara Try-On provides a variety of customizable choices. We have provided personalization option so you can modify the features and themes to meet your aesthetic and store design.

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Using Adjustify option, store owner can make adjustments by varying position or scale of earrings or necklaces or watches or rings on real time video.

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It displays in depth analytics of Try On usage on the website, it includes all button clicks and highest tried SKUs. It helps store owner to track the usage.

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A person face with beauty filter on right side and without beauty filter on left side

Beautification filter

Our real-time face beautification makes users look pretty on the screen while trying out products. Thus helps bring more conversion. With just a tap, users can elevate their touch up.

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Photo mode

You can upload a photo and our interactive augmented reality overlay will helps you to get an efficient result through a new level of user immersion and engagement.

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virtual try on jewelry
virtual try on jewelry

Increase in conversion rate

Camweara has helped some of the biggest brands to increase conversion by 30-40% and add to cart ratio by 4X. We have verified the results.

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Are you using Shopify ?

Camweara Jewelry Try On app can be installed from shopify app store, it is the most popular virtual try on app among shopify jewelry stores.

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Camweara is an AR Virtual Try On software helping people to try jewelry, eyewear, hats & many other categories before purchase. Thereby, saving billions of dollars and billions of customers time!

virtual try on jewelry

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