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What is Adjustify and how it works in Camweara virtual try on?

The goal of any Virtual Try-On (VTO) or immersive shopping experience is to create a seamless buying journey, much like your customers’ in-store experience.

In order to support all variations in jewelry such as earcuff, pierced earrings, we have launched Adjustify feature on Camweara.

We are excited to announce that customers can now position any special kind of jewelry with a perfect look. 

As you can see the image at the top, there are three sliders available to customize the product according to your needs.

  • Vary Horizontal slider to move jewelry towards left or right 
  • Vertical slider to move it up or down
  • Using the scale slider you can increase or decrease size of a product as per your needs.

All of these options are developed by the Camweara team to make retailer’s job easy for all types of jewelry, instead of waiting for the technical team’s help.  

Why is it helpful?

As there are number of sub categories within earrings or necklaces,  there are also special designs which sits midway on the ear or top of the ears, some of these need custom adjustments to bring the perfect look on virtual try on. With the new Adjustify feature, customers can open Camweara Dashboard, vary position or scale and see it on Camweara instantly. For example, you can the necklace has moved bit down on the second image below.

With the Adjustify feature, we are moving towards making the default virtual try on for jewelry stores having any kind of product. 

virtual try on jewelry
virtual try on jewelry

How to access Adjustify ?

You can find Adjustify on Camweara dashboard, follow the steps below.

Step 1  :  Login to Dashboard

Step 2 :  Click on three dots on top right corner

Step 3 :  Click on Adjustify

Step 4 :  Drag the slider to change the position and see it on Camweara instantly

Step 5 :  Click on save to reflect the changes on your website.

virtual try on jewelry
virtual try on jewelry

If this sounds like a feature your e-commerce website needs, head here to schedule a free virtual try on demo.

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Camweara is an AR Virtual Try On software helping people to try jewelry, eyewear, hats & many other categories before purchase. Thereby, saving billions of dollars and billions of customers time!

virtual try on jewelry

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