Camweara Launches New Features To Enhance Virtual Try-on Experience And Increase Conversion Rate


The pandemic created urgency for brands and retailers to quickly pivot and reimagine how they connect with their consumers. With the accelerated growth of ecommerce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,we’ve seen a rise in brand partnerships looking toward ModakaTech's Camweara to leverage AI and AR technology.

Virtual try-on is a game-changer and solves what has historically been one of the most difficult things to replicate online. We worked around the clock to develop 5 new features to help our customers to increase sales and reduce product returns.

1. Beautify Filter To Make User Look Prettier.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

In order to make user look good and feel happy while trying on, we added the AI based beautification filter which does skin smoothing & remove skin rashes. It will be very useful addon to make users face and jewelry glow even when lighting is poor. 

2. Trendy AR Face Filter To Engage Customers.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

Just like snapchat, customers can try trending AR filter for fun along with their favorite jewelry. It has increased user engagements by 30%.  

The filter will keep changing according occasions, trends to engage and increase conversions from jewelry virtual try-on.


3. Try Rings On Three Skin Colors.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

Customers can try engagement rings on 3 different skin colors. This gives an idea of how it looks if they want to buy a ring for a friend or sister or others. 

4. Earrings Dangling Effect.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

Realstic experience is the first and foremost thing in virtual try-on. Hence we developed realistic dangling effect for longer earrings according head movements. This takes experience to another level.


5. Touch On Screen & Adjust.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

There are certain jewelry pieces which can be tried in different ways and multiple positions or some customers want to see how it looks by varying position of jewelry. Hence we added a feature, using which customers can touch on their mobile screen, drag up/down/left/right to change position. On desktop, hold right click and drag. 

Click here to try the new feautures


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