5 Tricks to Reduce Cost of Virtual Try-on


Here are few tricks to reduce the costs of Virtual Try-on. When brands marry the utility and fun of AR, that’s when they see the biggest impact to their ROI: engagement rates soar, and the likelihood of conversion increases by 40-50 per cent.

1. Choose annual plan.

Camweara can be subscribed with annual or yearly billing. Choosing annual billing will save you 2 months of subscription charges and it saves lot of time spent on invoicing.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

2. Have right photos.

Having right angle product images will save time spent on editing and avoid extra cost on re-photoshoot. Click here to learn more.


Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories  

3. Refer other stores.

We have special discount for referrals. Upon every referral you get percentage commission or discount. It starts from 15% of annual charges. Reach us to learn more.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

4. Go with higher SKUs.

If you have thousands of products, choosing the pricing plan with large SKUs will significantly reduce cost per product/SKU. Also, the stores having try-on for more than 90% of products have been seeing much higher ROI, conversions.

  Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

5. Expand usage.

Enable try-on button on product pages, listing pages, home page and social media posts can help you get more engagements and conversions from the Try-on. Our customers have been using creative marketing strategies to get great ROI from Camweara. Please read few more techniques in our another blog.

Augmented Reality Try-on has proven to be an effective marketing tool, which works well for both customers and brands. When properly implemented, it can offer users a stellar shopping experience that they would want to share within their social circles.

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