4 Steps To Launch Virtual Try-on on Website Within a Day


With pandemic pushing customers towards online shopping, one of the crucial factors leading to growth is the adoption of technology to offer virtual try-on experience for touch and feel experience.

The ease of integration drove the adoption of virtual try-on across jewelry, watches, eyewear & other categories. Camweara, our virtual try-on product is a plug and play module, retailers can integrate within a day by following just four steps explained below. 

1. Keep images ready.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

We have identified some of the techniques to get the best virtual try-on experience even with jpg/png images. These include right front view angle of products, preferably white background images having atleast 500 pixel resolution. And keep a note of dimension while taking the pictures especially length of earrings and length of pendants. Camweara renders precisely according to dimension of a jewelry piece.

Here is the image specification document to know more.


2. Copy and paste few lines of code.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

A few lines of code must be inserted into theme section, code varies a bit for each platform. It can be either done by retailer's team by referring to Camweara integration document or Camweara Team completes integration with the collaborator access. 

Camweara is made very easy to integrate with any e-commerce platform including Shopify, Wordpress/Woocommerce, Magento. It doesn't affect any other parameter of an e-commerce store like loading speed, server space consumption etc.


3. Image edit and upload.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

Each jewelry image provided by a retailer must be edited to make it perfectly work on Camweara Virtual Try-on. Retailers share their inventory images with proper file name as mentioned in the specification document via Google Drive or Dropbox or Wetransfer. Upon receiving, Camweara team takes care of the complete editing such as backgrond removal, cropping and more to make it render super realistically on users face or hand. The duration for this step depends on number of images, atleast 25 product images can be edited and made live within few hours. 

4. Enable Try-on option.

Virtual Try-On for all jewelry categories

The last step is to enable or display try-on button on product pages. Retailer can log into the Camweara Dashboard and refer the SKUs, then enable Try-on button for those SKUs through an option available on admin panel of online store. The way to enable or disable tryon button from admin panel varies for each platform.


If something like collecting photos or integration turned into a time-consuming process, let us help. At ModakaTech, we bring over 4 years of virtual try-on experience. During this time we have learned to quickly integrate Camweara and offer beautiful virtual try-on experiences, that get results. Reach out to us today to learn more!